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As by magic ... Sintra takes us to another place. The divine joining of 
the instruments is the perfect harmony of Nature. Dewdrops are tears of 
a moved night . . . A garden rock, box of immemorial secrets ... The 
rebirth ... All things to be discovered in Sintra.

Rui Serodio is an expert in Portuguese Music: music written in this 
country, by Portuguese, without great concerns regarding genres or 
categories. Together with this search for what is Portuguese, he has the 
ability to convey through the piano, all the greatness of the culture of 
the Country of Light.

Sintra is the apex of romanticism for many of those who have gone there 
and still go, for those who have left themselves be taken and be freed 
from the effects of the mundane atmosphere.  Rui Serodio makes us want 
to go there and offers us the possibility to fall in love and immerse in 
the sublime mysteries of Sintra.

A motion picture not yet directed.  A record filled with images.

Sintra, a patrimony of mankind


José da Ponte, Strauss Evolution (1999)                             

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