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In this page you can find my discographic works available for sale, as well as the anouncement of the next releases. It's possible to listen around 30 seconds of each track, to give you an idea of the kind of music. Just click in .

How to order

To make easy all the orders management and the associated logistics of delivery, I have establish a partnership with a on-line sales site called MundoKaraoke, that belongs to my publisher, JGC. This site is in portuguese, what could be a problem for you, but I give you an alternative, below. So, the links TO ORDER send you to their site, to the page of the CD. After, you have to click in the symbol . The CD goes to the Shopping Cart and you have only to click ENCOMENDAR (ORDER), fill the form and click again in ENCOMENDAR, to confirm the order. The CD will be sent to you, to the address you mentioned.
However, the fact the site is in portuguese could be complicated to you. So, you can send me your order by the page CONTACTS, fillling the form, and indicating:
- Name
- Address for invoicing and delivery
- Postal Code, City and Country
- Telephone number
- VAT number
- email
- The name of the CD you want to order

You will be contacted by JGC/MundoKaraoke for delivery and payments details.

In the case of the next launches, you can make a reservation, sending me, without any compromise, that information by the form in CONTACTS. When the CD is available, you will be contacted to confirm or not , your order.

Available CD's

Year of edition: 2001
Publisher: JGC
Ref: MOC501

Price: € 12,49

1. echoes

2. sky is so close

3. the talk of the forest

4. pilgrimage song

5. water reflections

6. sunrise in midsummer

7. a way to eternity

8. night fog

9. lost paradise

To order, click here

Year of edition: 2001
Publisher: JGC
Ref: MOC502

Price: € 12,49

1. ab initium

2. ecstatic space

3. a more light hearted way

To order, click here

Next CD to be launch (not available yet)

Year of edition: 2008
Publisher: JGC
Ref: JGC904

Preço: € 12,49

1. alone on the stage

2. theme waiting for a movie

3. poeme pour piano

4. hommage a bertha

5. an old fashioned pianist

6. sky is not the limit

7. no loneliness

8. line terminus

9. improvising at sundown

10. truly poet music

11. arrábida minha

To make a reservation, click here

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