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I have listened to your Sintra several times and have found your music to be very hauntingly beautiful, melodic and rhythmically interesting.  You have a very nice touch on the piano as well!  I found Sintra to be very organic and interconnected, and think it would make a very good orchestral work.

I enjoyed particularly the rhythmic accompaniment and the use of "chorus" in the third movement, as well as the creative integration of the folk music throughout the work.

The fourth movement is very inspired and lovely.  Some of the harmonic tension and ambiguity in the opening of the fifth, sixth and seventh movements were a refreshing contrast as well.  I felt that even more tension would make the many beautiful moments more poignant.

The whole work feels like a life's journey and I sense that it is very autobiographical.  Thank you for sharing your music with me.

John Peter Lynch, Department of Music, Emory University

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